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Improve your home privacy

You can relax knowing that we also provide a number of different accessories for all types of fencing solutions.


If you'd like to ensure that nobody can peek into your property, you can try out our overlap panels for size.

Need a new fence? Look no further! We offer a wide range of fencing to suit you. Call us on

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Accentuate the beauty of your garden.

With our decorative fencing, we can help you add the finishing touches to your back or front garden with an array of different designs to choose from. Our services are tailored to your needs, so whether you require a style matched replacement or a new fitting, we can help you.


How does your perfect fencing look?

• Economy, super lap & close-board panels

• Decorative panels

• Convex and concave tops

• Screen rolls and palisades

• All panels in a range of sizes

We also stock a range of quality related fencing products.


*Tree stakes

*Arris Rails

*Wall plates

*Concrete and timber fencing posts

*Ironmongery for gates

*A full range of trellis in a range of sizes

*A range of mirror panels

*and much more.

Display mirrors convex with trellis Pallasade fencing 728603_f520 pagola arch way curved archway fencing spike post fixing Find out about the Manufacturers we stock here